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Profanity Filter

Watch your profanity! This extension automatically detects naughty words and allows you to mask them or disallow the message entirely.

Mask offensive language in your iOS, Android, and JavaScript chat app

Not everyone likes a potty mouth and in many environments, profanity is just outright unacceptable. That is why we built the Profanity Filter extension.

To enable the Profanity Filter extension, open your dashboard and explore the application for which you would like to enable profanity filtering. In the extensions tab, enable the the Profanity Filter with a flick of a switch. Once enabled, we will mark naughty message as “containing profanity” as well as generate a clean message by replacing naughty words with * symbols.

CometChat handles all this automatically and puts the data exactly where you expect it - alongside the original (potentially profane) message in the form of metadata. As a developer, it is then up to you what you do with this data. Maybe you disallow the messages entirely or maybe you'll allow the clean messages through. It is up to you! You might even let profane messages through based on your user’s personal settings. With CometChat Pro, the possibilities are endless

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Profanity Filter

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