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Real-time chat plugin for your healthcare platform

Create a connected healthcare ecosystem and improvement treatment processes, save time of staff & patients with CometChat’s easy to use Chat API, SDK or plugin.

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How in-app messaging helps healthcare websites & apps

Connect Doctor & Patient

Patients can communicate directly with their doctors in real time to discuss all about their health concerns and queries.

Share Medical Reports

Doctors and patients can share medical reports and prescriptions with each other in real time.

Healthcare Ecosystem

Co-ordinated efforts between doctors & patients result in efficient workflow leading to a better healthcare ecosystem.

Real-time chat and healthcare

Patient-Doctor Chat

Real time one-on-one chat enables patients to find the right doctor and communicate directly with them. This means patients no longer have to be physically present in their doctor’s office or hospitals to get themselves checked and further start their treatments.

Hassle-free way for patients to be in touch with their care providers at all times.

Effective solution for post-hospitalisation care, emergency treatments & remove locations.

Share Medical Files & Reports

Paper form reports are likely to get lost or worse, destroyed. E-reports solve this problem and also helps save the faxing charges and efforts.

File sharing feature can be a new way for patients to send their medical records to their health care providers. Doctors can view these reports in real time and start the treatment process without any further delay.

This is especially useful in situations of emergency, where the patient cannot move out of the house, the past reports of the patient can easily be shared with the doctor.

Patient Focus Groups

Healthcare apps can have patient centric groups. An example of this can be a group which includes diabetic patients, or a group with people focusing on just a healthy lifestyle.

Doctors can post tips, suggestions, precautions to take, in each of these groups. Similarly, patients can ask doctors if they have a basic query.


Telemedicine helps in cases of remote diagnosis and further treatment by using IP based voice & video calls.

It is the most sought out solution for remote patients. Doctors can extend their reach to patients who aren’t local or who are unable to travel. This, coupled with file sharing functionality can be a complete package solution for helping far away patients.

Better Record Keeping

Chats are logged and hence stored for quick reference to previous conversations. This helps in improving future communications and treatments for both doctors and patients.

Happier Users

Patients no longer have to wait in long queues to sort out details related to their health. Placing their well being on the top priority make the patients happier.

Secured Chat

You need not worry about patient details confidentiality or security with CometChat. Our chats are encrypted end to end.

Monetize your healthcare user base

Role Based Access Control

Restrict and grant access of features, provide more functionality to your premium members than your free members.

Credit Deduction

Monetize your website by deducting credits from user’s account when they use special features like audio calling & conference, voice & video calling and conference.

Custom Advertisement

Generate additional revenue on your website by adding custom advertisements to the chat windows whenever you like.

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