Perfect for
every kind
of chat.

01. social community

Bring your platform's community closer

Allow like-minded people in your online community to communicate, and keep the engagement on your platform.

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02. marketplace

Build trust between buyers & sellers

Deliver convenience and boost transactions by enabling communication between buyers and sellers in your marketplace. Notifications and indicators ensure inquiries never go unnoticed.

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Apps like Tinder and Grinder have huge retention, which you can achieve as well. Also, you can be more like Hinge and design your app to get deleted.

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03. Dating

Keep users coming back — or don’t

04. On demand

Are you building the next Uber for X?

Delight your users by letting them get in touch with drivers, couriers, handymen, and other service providers all within your app.

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05. edu-tech

Entice student & teachers to discuss

Connect mentors with mentees, teachers with their class, or even teachers with teachers. Collaborate in real-time wherever you are with CometChat Go's white boarding and screen sharing features.

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Create a fun, safe interactive live chat

Slow mode, reactions, and auto-moderation — CometChat Pro can handle thousands of users without degrading quality.

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