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On 16th of October 2009...

I love CometChat! It is not expensive yet very efficient gmail-gtalk-like solution.


On 15th of October 2009...

CometChat is not any other chat script. It is the ultimate community chat script! It helped my community members to communicate even more faster and comfortably. And the features make it more interesting to use every time!

Alejandro López,

On 15th of October 2009...

CometChat is the best in-browser live chat solution on the market today, plain and simple. It drastically improved quality of our site and community and support is fantastic. It was worth every penny.

Michael Buffaloe,

On 15th of October 2009...

CometChat is hands down the BEST vBulletin chatroom program out there. After lots of headaches with other programs, I can say that I have found that nothing touches CometChat yet!

DeAnna Ross,

On 14th of October 2009...

CometChat is a highly recommended component for any website that wishes to provide more interactivity for their members, in a simple and easy form. The ability to be able to chat without having extra boxes, menus, or programs while browsing a website is a wonderful thing. I definitely recommend this software and give it an A+ for effort, structure, customer support, and features!

Monique LeForbes,

On 13th of October 2009...

CometChat is an excellent feature on our website. The software provided and the support are first class.