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On 3rd of November 2009...

I love the idea of instant chatting and letting my users get connected with each other. That is why I bought CometChat in the first place and I am very satisfied.

Now I can not see my website without CometChat! It is great and worth every penny.

The support team is great always fast to come with solutions on any problem regarding CometChat.

I give this Extension 5 of 5 stars

Great product, great support and great CometChat.

Thank you :)

Ahmed Abdi,

On 28th of October 2009...

Overall this is an amazing chat service, worth the price. I would recommend it to all website owners that wish for their users to have an easy way of communication throughout their website. Advanced features, and amazing interface, and a friendly staff that offers support whenever needed.

Benjamin Shapiro,

On 28th of October 2009...

Great extension, but the support is better!!!

Juan Olmeda,

On 27th of October 2009...

CometChat took my small flash game arcade and turned it into a community almost overnight. Suddenly, people were not just getting the high score against some random user, they were competing with real people they could connect with. Where once stood a mediocre flash portal only accessed on lunch breaks, now causal gamers from all over the world were coming back day after day to meet new competitors and trash-talk their way to flash gaming greatness all thanks to CometChat! CometChat does what a simple forum cannot... engage people in true one-to-one conversation in real time. The small footprint, low requirements, top-notch presentation and feature list make this a must-have addition to any community-driven website!

Joshua Shreve,

On 22nd of October 2009...

When I set out to build a social networking site for Turkish speakers abroad, I was nervous at the challenge ahead of me. When I found CometChat those nerves changed to excitement and the project went from being an impossible dream to an imminent reality.

Kevin Casey,

On 17th of October 2009...

CometChat is the perfect solution to my community interaction and social networking needs. It has vastly improved my traffic and everyone really seems to enjoy it over sending private messages. I have really noticed an increase in activity and a decrease in bandwidth since I have installed this little plugin. The CometChat team has ALWAYS been quick to respond to any issues or tickets I have put in and with that said the price is more than worth it! Currently, the CometChat team is working with me to make my install extremely custom using their professional install product. I can not wait to see what the future holds for CometChat and my small but growing online community!

Kenneth Beard,