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On 12th of November 2009...

I needed the support right after I bought but I do not regret. It was fast and very objective. Solved my problems right away. Great job!

Tatiana Santos,

On 9th of November 2009...

I love the sleek design and feel of CometChat, it is a great-addition to my website, This is seriously one of the best inclusions for Joomla.


On 8th of November 2009...

CometChat is an excellent multi-platform chat bar that adds a whole new dimension to a site. People may be looking for a Facebook-like capability - but CometChat is so much more. I would happily recommend it to any website owner.

Steve Davies,

On 7th of November 2009...

Great software, awesome for vBulletin owners.


On 6th of November 2009...

CometChat is easy to install and even easier to configure. Your member base will thank you for this wonderful chat-bar.

Mike Hutnan,

On 3rd of November 2009...

I love the idea of instant chatting and letting my users get connected with other users. This is why I bought CometChat in the first place and I am satisfied. Now I cannot see my website without CometChat. It is great and worth every penny. The support team is great always fast to come up with solutions on any problem regarding CometChat. I give this Extension 5 of 5 stars Great product! Great support! Great CometChat! Thank you

Ahmed Abdi,