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On 25th of November 2009...

I would like to say I have never seen anything better than this in my whole life in the vBulletin world. This is the most amazing thing that someone would like to add to their website. I have tried a lot of other sites that provide Facebook chat and they all turned out to be failures and waste of money. CometChat is worth every $, I have the 240$ package and I am more then satisfied. All I am trying to say is thank you a lot great CometChat coders :)


On 24th of November 2009...

The team at CometChat is super responsive! Their support level far exceeds the price point of the script. The script works exactly as promised and all my users love it. THANK YOU!!!!!


On 22nd of November 2009...

When I first signed up for CometChat, I did not realize that I would have to actually get CometChat working on my website. The CometChat team was there to help me and at one point even offered to install it free for me - a $79 service. Thankfully, I managed to get it installed with ease due to the newly released plugin for phpBB. Setup was really a breeze and I was done in about 5 minutes. I am also EXTREMELY impressed with the way CometChat handled the issue of my upgrade date. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a chat system on their site. The support cannot be beat!!


On 22nd of November 2009...

CometChat fits very nicely into JomSocial. I always wanted to say hello to my friends being online at the same time. Now I can do so and pull them into a chatroom ;-) I first had a installation problem but help came immediately. First from the forum and then from the admin directly. All was solved within a few hours and it is up and running... I can recommend CometChat and the team who sell it!

Johannes Koering,

On 21st of November 2009...

ComeChat is very well, and the technical support is high level. Thanks to you


On 20th of November 2009...

Support is great! I had a couple issues that I could not figure out. So I actually gave them an FTP login and they fixed it, TWICE! Thanks so much you guys. My members love using your product, they are really getting to know each other better which means more "stickiness" and traffic for me :0)