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On 28th of April 2010...

Having searched, for some time, for suitable chat applications to integrate with Dzoic Handshakes I came across CometChat!

What an awesome product it had the features I needed and more! The support is also superb.

I am happy to recommend CometChat!


On 27th of April 2010...

Congratulation, you have done a great job.

Fabio Galdi,

On 22nd of April 2010...

Easily the best investment I’ve ever made for my site.


On 22nd of April 2010...

I have put literally thousands of hours into making features for my site in the past few years and when I purchased and made CometChat available, everyone by far agreed that it was the best feature added yet! I am a web developer and I myself am jealous of the quality of work put into the CometChat and I am simply amazed at how often they update this thing!

Vizzed went from being an ordinary website to becoming an interactive community and it has brought all of my site users closer to each other and has made my site feel more like a cyber family. My sites loyalty rate has gone way up and the amount of time users spend on my site has also gone up which has ultimately increased my ad revenue.

Easily the best investment I have ever made for my site.


On 20th of April 2010... wants to thank CometChat for making our site COMPLETE!!!

D. Spring,

On 20th of April 2010...

Great Add-on for JomSocial!

Easy installation in just 5 minutes! Easy administration!

And works perfect!

Wagas ,