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On 23rd of May 2010...

CometChat is an excellent chat bar for any busy website. Their support is done on a timely and professional manner. I can actually say that ever since I added the CometChat to my website, it has been used more than a shoutbox that we had.

It is very easy to install, and very simple to use for people of all ages.. My community loves to use the bar and it makes your site more interactive. Your visitors will more likely to return to your site if you use CometChat.

DJ Fire,

On 21st of May 2010...

Very Amazing! Superb features. Works very well on my website.


On 18th of May 2010...

A very good, stable product. Support has always been quick and accurate.

Simon Goodchild,

On 15th of May 2010...

My users love the functionality that it provides to keep them connected.

Joseph Christ,

On 15th of May 2010...

I have been looking for multiple chat options for my site for a couple of months, I found CometChat on another site that was using the branded version so I thought I would check it out. I asked a few pre-purchase questions and then jumped right in. After I installed CometChat to my site I was having a small issue so I submitted a ticket, thanks to the quick response from the support staff I was back up and running in no time!

My users love the functionality that it provides to keep them connected. For the price I would put this on all of my sites!

Joseph Christ,

On 11th of May 2010...

After researching all my chat options I concluded that CometChat was the best solution. It was the highest performing and most robust out of all the other chat options available and was 100% in my choice. The support team was highly responsive and integrated the chat into my site seamlessly, I am very pleased and would highly recommend this for anyone else looking for a chat solution.

James Settle