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On 12th of June 2016...

Best chat software. Actually, the only one that integrates seamlessly with a website and the team is available to work with you for developing and do changes to adapt to your website, collaborating each other. Affordable for its price (believe me, it's low for the value it has). Really good software, their team help so much in the case of troubles or if you need developer support for your website and it is chat-based. They're even really open to customizing everything to your needs. Good developers that work perfectly in collaboration.

Christian la Forgia,

On 10th of June 2016...

Excellent technical support, fast, secure and reliable chat! Easy installation, support for all popular engines and constant product updates! Regards, Oleg!


On 6th of June 2016...

Hi! I'm a registered user in a site where CometChat is implanted as the basic chat room. It is very useful, I like to talk with my friends and news visitors over there. First time I got some problems but the administrators of the CometChat was very prompt, they solved my problems quickly. Thank you for that! And for the end I just want to say that it is a very good chat whit a very good support.

Gyergyai Zoltan

On 3rd of June 2016...

Great service, great product. Will recommend always. :)


On 3rd of June 2016...

We are very pleased to have purchased CometChat plug-in for our website and are quite satisfied with the product. But what made our experience even more special is that their support service was highly professional and efficient. We would recommend CometChat service and products to everyone. Keep up the great work. Big thanks from

Jakub Olej,

On 3rd of June 2016...

Top performance. CometChat gains more respect every time I talk to them and I get more confidence in their support. Guys are able to troubleshoot and solve all problems quickly and efficiently. Very cooperative, positive, highly organized and they get the job done. Problem solvers.

Valerii Kochnev,