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On 17th of February 2011...

I have been using CometChat for a few months now and all of the users of my website absolutely love the module. I am using it as a plugin for phpFox and I am getting little to none errors. And when I do get an error, the support tickets are always answered fast and with great quality of service. Thanks for everything and keep up the great work!


On 17th of February 2011...

Great add-on to any site.I am very satisfied. Great customer support. Highly recommended!


On 15th of February 2011...

The best chat app ever.

Piero Casiraghi,

On 11th of February 2011...

CometChat I give you 100% respect.

Gen Bousal,

On 2nd of February 2011...

CometChat provides great service and works perfectly.


On 31st of January 2011...

CometChat is a really cool software. Many thanks to the programmers and support engineers.

Andreas Toscan,