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On 20th of April 2011...

On the whole it is A+.


On 16th of April 2011...

CometChat team provide really fantastic support, which is very fast and they fix/do really good things.

Shame they do not make some other scripts as well, with this awesome support :)


On 15th of April 2011...

Thanks so much for such a great product!!!!

Karen Amlin,

On 15th of April 2011...

I am very pleased! Awesome product!


On 14th of April 2011...

CometChat has worked perfectly!!! We appreciate your team creating this. Integration with JomSocial was seamless and the spy feature was critical for our client and it is exactly what they needed.

Thank you


On 9th of April 2011...

Thank you for the blazing fast service! You guys rock, thanks for the awesome support.

Scott Allen,