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On 1st of October 2011...

Very quick service. I would love to recommend CometChat to everyone. Love to rate 10 out of 10.


On 6th of September 2011...

CometChat is one of the best live chat bars I have come across at an extremely affordable price. I was extremely impressed with the quality of service and sincerity their support team provided when I ran into trouble installing the software on my website. To top it off, they responded to my issues within the same day. Without CometChat I would not have been able to dream of this kind of interactive community on! Thank you for creating such an incredible service.

Eric Mojstrovich,

On 4th of September 2011...

Chat app is truly functional and innovative. Great service and a very friendly yet professional supprt team.

Marco Gattini,

On 22nd of August 2011...

The support is very professional

Ambrish Bansal,

On 17th of August 2011...

I love this software! It took me a total of 4 minutes to set it up on my Dolphin 7 Server. I found it better and easier to use than the built-in Ray Software that comes with Dolphin. I would recommend this script to anyone considering it. It is well worth the price. I do not know why Boonex does not recommend it. They would have 100 times less issues than Ray Media. If anyone ever has any questions do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks so much guys!

Anthony Lombardo,

On 1st of July 2011...

Congrats to the CometChat team on an amazing product.

Tony Calhoun,