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On 18th of April 2012...

I have tried a few different chat products for Vanilla. This is by far the best chat available for Vanilla. This product is amazing, and the support I received was equally amazing! Thanks guys! Wonderful work!


On 12th of April 2012...

Great product and superb support!!


On 11th of April 2012...

CometChat is a very powerful chat system. The best part is the integration and easy installation for many systems that is already scripted from begin. Really nice work.


On 6th of April 2012...

Simple and effective software that offers superior functionality.

Wonderful service. A team on its toes.

T Clarke,

On 6th of April 2012...

CometChat software changed the way our users interact. It makes them stay HERE instead of Facebook!

Rene Rangel,

On 4th of April 2012...

I would like to commend the support team of CometChat. The way they handled the integration of CometChat onto my site. There was a fix and a lot of hiccups along the way. But the support team made sure that they made their customer happy (me) by guaranteeing that the specifications I wanted were done. They even went as far as contacting the company of the dating software I am using to get the proper codes in completing a part of the integration. Kudos to CometChat and a job well done!

David A. Osho,