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On 26th of April 2012...

This is the stuff of innovation, when the folks without the jets are assembling great tools and making them affordable to the non-business user. Whiteboard rocks my socks; Audio/Video works wonders! And the integrated Google Etherpad is just great, just really, really great.

Fyodor O. Minakov,

On 25th of April 2012...

We wanted to add a chat feature to our Elgg based site, but could not afford the development time. I downloaded CometChat, and within an hour had everything running and was busy trying out all the extra plugins and modules. Key for us is the ability to have the chat content translated in real time. We have that feature for other site content, so it is awesome that it comes built into CometChat!

Mike Hedman ,

On 24th of April 2012...

Good response from the technical service to resolve an issue directly on the site.

JoseMa G.,

On 23rd of April 2012...

When we started building our community, we found CometChat. It has games, live conference, and much more than any other chat system there is on internet for sale. I can say that 100% CometChat has given me the best support than anyone else. Keep up the good work.

Simos Karamanlis,

On 20th of April 2012...

Great job guys. I am very happy with the product and the speed of service. Thank you again for a great script. Keep up great work!


On 19th of April 2012...

The CometChat guys were great. We had a few "different" requirements for our users as to who can see, who is online and who they can talk to for our chat bar. But the CometChat guys were able to get it set up for us quickly and easily!