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On 9th of May 2012...

Absolutely phenomenal customer service! Their service after the sale is fantastic and they definitely provide great installation support. As for the toolbar itself, it has everything we were looking for and then some! I loved it so much I went Platinum. Thanks CometChat! Your product is awesome and I could not be happier!

Scott Allen,

On 8th of May 2012...

CometChat is the best chat solution. The technical team doesnt tell u what to do , they do it for u. Great Work!

Paulos ndimande,

On 6th of May 2012...

I love CometChat

Irfan Melodys,

On 29th of April 2012...

I am very happy and satisfied with CometChat.


On 27th of April 2012...

Fantastic service! Good job guys! Keep up!

Valter Gomes,

On 26th of April 2012...

This is the stuff of innovation, when the folks without the jets are assembling great tools and making them affordable to the non-business user. Whiteboard rocks my socks; Audio/Video works wonders! And the integrated Google Etherpad is just great, just really, really great.

Fyodor O. Minakov,