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On 6th of September 2012...

I am very happy to tell you that my website looks better than ever now i have CometChat on it. And thank you for your support and installation on my site it is working very well.

W. ter Horst,

On 5th of September 2012...

Thank you CometChat for a great script and outstanding support!


On 29th of August 2012...

I am really happy with CometChat. Wonderful program and the most amazing support.The best support ever. Keep it up. Many thanks for the prompt support!!!


On 28th of August 2012...

I am very pleased with the service and everything that they have to offer.

Christzian Götz,

On 27th of August 2012...

Good speed, the minimum load on the database, a variety of plug-ins. Our users are happy. Special thanks for the convergence of social networking.

Oleynikov Dmirty,

On 17th of August 2012...

I came across CometChat in Google and was very impressed first of all with their website. It was informative, professional, and easy to navigate. After reading about the product and testing it, I knew it would work perfectly for my client. Thank you CometChat for great product!

David J. Barrus,