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On 28th of August 2012...

I am very pleased with the service and everything that they have to offer.

Christzian Götz,

On 27th of August 2012...

Good speed, the minimum load on the database, a variety of plug-ins. Our users are happy. Special thanks for the convergence of social networking.

Oleynikov Dmirty,

On 17th of August 2012...

I came across CometChat in Google and was very impressed first of all with their website. It was informative, professional, and easy to navigate. After reading about the product and testing it, I knew it would work perfectly for my client. Thank you CometChat for great product!

David J. Barrus,

On 14th of August 2012...

WOW!!! Comechat is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best chat plugin. I love it!


On 4th of August 2012...

We have had the opportunity to deploy the CometChat Toolbar at two of our sites for beta testing. A well used forum and an internet style radio/tv interview site. The response of users was just shy of BRILLIANT. This is a revolutionary tool designed for liberating users from the restrictions of very simple text commenting to REALTIME text chatting and of course many other features. The shared document in realtime is simply MIND-BLOWING. Honestly, everyone that used it was speechless. The speed now at which communications and ideas can transfer between users needs to be recognized as revolutionary. Because of the sensitive nature of the sites we deployed this tool at - we have had to inform our users this is a beta-testing period and have had to remove it until we can determine a way for tighter security. This toolbar deployed in an environment that does not need to met such strict security measures and precautions for dealing with individuals, aimed at causing site damage, will see the traffic and participation at their site... SKY ROCKET!!! Social Networking sites will explode onto the world stage with this tool. This is a 210% thumbs up from all of us at and To the CometChat team, we wish all your efforts be crowned with continued success.


On 18th of July 2012...

Amazing! I love how smooth CometChat is and I look forward to working with this software for many years to come. The support guys are great when there are issues, and things (if need be) are fixed in a timely manner. There is not a better chat client out there!