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On 4th of April 2013...

CometChat has really surpassed any expectations we had as our site messenger. It has provided a full experience for our users, and we hope to continue to expand our site with their platform. Thanks for being an amazing team of developers. Appreciate everything you do.

Joshua Havens,

On 4th of April 2013...

I purchased CometChat and the integration worked perfectly, and on the first try. Customer support is superior and all my technical inquires where answered in less than 48 hours and all problems solved. I would highly recommend CometChat for your chatroom and IM solution on any website!

Joe Mace,

On 4th of April 2013...

Even basic version seems to work very good. Support was kind and helped along the config issues that I had. In future, we will consider upgrading strongly.


On 4th of April 2013...

CometChat is the best chat software I could find. It is absolutely perfect. 100% good customer support. I recommend it to everybody who want the best chat software for his or her website.

Harsha jayanath,

On 30th of March 2013...

We have just switched to CometChat after a year with a competitor. Got to say the installation of CometChat was a breeze, far easier than the main competitor. Only a couple of days in but the reaction of users on the site has been very positive - universally welcoming the switch.

Richard Phillips,

On 27th of March 2013...

I have been using ComeChat for some time now, and I must say, it is a really awsome product! It has a lot of features, so it reaches out to a very broad spectrum of users. The Video chat in CometChat is very nice, and the fact that you have the option to choose p2p assisted broadcasting is so good. You do not overload your site with traffic, even if you have a lot of people using the video chat at the same time. The fact that you can translate CometChat to your own language is also a very nice feature, and you can also customize the Theme of CometChat to match your own site colors. All in all CometChat is the BEST software out there! CometChat has a very good support, they are nice people to speak to, and they are very skilled in what they do. Plus you will not have to wait long for support - 99% of the time you ask for help they will fix your problem the same day. Keep up the good work CometChat!

Glen Trust,