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On 4th of January 2013...

My website is about anti Hong Kong Pan Democrats who are bad politicians in Hong Kong. I started from Joomla platform because it is the best tool for a non-programmer to set up a website. In order to attract people to use and stay in my web site, I decided to add a chat module to it. After searching the Internet and compared among different products, I found that CometChat is the best! The installation was very simple and fast. Although I found some technical problems after the installation, they were all solved by Mr. Warren Ratner, a very nice guy from the support team of CometChat. He spent a few hours to help me and replied my stupid questions patiently! He is the best support I ever met and here I want to express my many thanks to him again! CometChat is an excellent product that is worthy to buy, do not miss it!

Frank Lau,

On 28th of December 2012...

Excellent product. +++AAA

Sebastian Lopez,

On 22nd of December 2012...

Technical Department are really helpful and these guys definitely have an excellent after sales support. I had several problems that come after an update and they fixed it step by step.Hope that they keep up this good job!

Beredimas Jim,

On 17th of December 2012...

Pure awesome, what more is there to say? CometChat is so easy to install I was absolutely gobsmacked. I was expecting a long drawn out process but this is simple as uploading, going to install.php and.. that is it. Done! It is sleek, it is modern, it is attractive. It is going to do my online community wonders. I cannot thank CometChat enough.

Tommy T,

On 15th of December 2012...

CometChat has been excellent for my forum users. I use it as a feature to the supporting members option of my vBulletin community. Folks love to use it. If I have had any difficulties - the CometChat support team have been quick to respond and easy to work with. This is the second time I have purchased CometChat. I started with the Lite version and then upgraded to the Pro. IMO.. I would have just started with the Professional version. The Facebook Chat integration is a very nice feature!

Aaron ,

On 9th of December 2012...

Their Support Ticket response was outstandingly fast.

Steven Potts,