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On 17th of December 2013...

Gotta say it now..............Buying your product was one of the smartest moves I have ever made. Its easy to run and understand and runs flawlessly. Just wanted someone in CometChat land to know how happy I am with your product, service, and support. My website gets better by the day thanks in part to your wonderful product. Thanks again

Frank Seth,

On 7th of December 2013...

I had a special request - I wanted to make CometChat like facebook chat, the layout of the chat and messages like Whatsapp. I also wanted that when I send an image to a friend it should appear directly in the chat window. CometChat actually had all of these by default. Great plugin!


On 7th of December 2013...

CometChat tech support team has been extremely helpful in getting CometChat running on our site for select users so we can use it as a perk for paid membership. Thanks much to your entire team!

John Hildebrand,

On 4th of December 2013...

This chat is really stunning!


On 20th of November 2013...

Just one thing to say - CometChat you are the Best!


On 18th of November 2013...

CometChat is a great and easy to use service for your website. As a plus point, CometChat has a super customer support!