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On 26th of April 2014...

"I searched all over the internet and did not find any service that would suit me. Then I found the cometChat and was saved. It is best to make changes to meet your need. Exellent staff cometChat."

Fernando Neves,

On 26th of April 2014...

Great Chat seamless and easy integration to our website.
Our members love the chat.


On 16th of April 2014...

CometChat is a fine Add-On for Chats in my Forum. Since I was new to this application, I was facing litte starting-problems, but the Support is great and solved all problems within a few hours. Working perfect now!


On 7th of April 2014...

I don't loose members anymore, buy this extension ;)
I give this 5 - stars


On 30th of March 2014...

My site is not on line yet, but it will be soon, thanks to CometChat.


On 21st of March 2014...

Thank you guys for CometChat. I’m glad to have your product. My members are happy as they can chat from anywhere with their online friends. CometChat made my website run smoother.

Jeffrey Stendert,