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On 9th of July 2014...

CometChat is really very nice.


On 3rd of July 2014...

I am very happy with CometChat. It is very simple to install, I have no words to say about your great support, simply fast and professional !!!! I would recommend it for any website.


On 2nd of July 2014...

Making people to talk to each other has always been my major problem, even though I always dream of bringing people together. Thank God CometChat made my dream a reality.

Victor agbor,

On 25th of June 2014...

Hey people! We have been using CometChat for a while now because this is the best chatting software we have ever seen. It is easy to fix things, play games with friends and video chat on this. Wow, CometChat is absolutely great!


On 19th of June 2014...

CometChat is the best chat solution for websites, after Facebook changed the social network world bringing a new way to chat and engage users, all other social networking sites adopted this chat, the good news is that after CometChat 5.3 you can transform your website chat as Facebook for a very reasonable price and an excellent support. I do not think there are any other chat systems better than CometChat.

Romulo Ruiz,

On 19th of June 2014...

Really professional product and service. Well done CometChat! Worth the money and time, quick and easy setup. Glad I have this on my site

Sami Mechkor,