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On 9th of December 2014...

Out of all products we have used, we have never experienced more professional customer service. Whenever we face any issue or want to make any changes, CometChat Team was always there to help us out. What makes them different is that they always go beyond their support responsibilities and outperform our expectations. Most of the time support tickets are answered within 12 hours and resolved in 24 hours. We wish them good luck and will always be grateful to them for their exceptional service.

Abhishek Sharma,

On 9th of December 2014...

I have in the past tried many similar applications, when I found out CometChat I was filled with wonder by the quality of technical support and the power of the application. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to keep our fans on our community

Mohamed Youba,

On 27th of November 2014...

Happy to recommend CometChat, which I've been using on my website for two years now. Great product and great after-sale support (which, for a non-techie like myself, is very much appreciated). Cheers.

Kate Lennon,

On 25th of November 2014...

Thank you very much for always willing to assist us. Your product is really great and we are satisfied with it.

Scholar Career Coaching,

On 18th of November 2014...

CometChat is the best chat software for any website with a wide range of plugins that you can add and customize.


On 18th of November 2014...

I now use CometChat on our website for over 3 years. What I find stunning is the intigration per app. It runs super fast and works with the Drupal CMS properly. The support is perfect, all trouble will be solved very fast, and until now was not a time that it was not possible. I am glad the CometChat is constantly evolving, and am curious about further extensions via app and website.