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On 30th of August 2016...

Thanks for helping out. The customer support was great. Very patient, and in a couple of emails spread out over a few days, the installation worked out very well on our production site.

Martin LUBELL,

On 29th of August 2016...

We use a private website in our business and have the cloud based CometChat service. The chat software fits all of our needs and the support is quick and responsive. I highly recommend!!

Kevin Dannewitz

On 29th of August 2016...

Powerful tool, excellent customer service, great investment!!


On 25th of August 2016...

CometChat is a great product! The CometChat team is not only flexible, efficient and professional but a group of people who really care about delivering results for you. I highly recommend website creators to use CometChat- it is the best way to please your members!!


On 23rd of August 2016...

CometChat is not only a great product but also has the best customer service ever.


On 22nd of August 2016...

What a great product, I was initially worried about purchasing as there is so much out there for chat, but nothing seemed to offer the same functions as CometChat and it seemed slightly to good to be true for the starter edition. I found out there wasn't a magento module to help install, but CometChat came to the rescue and sorted it for me, a few days later all up and running, cant say enough good things really , thank you guys :)

Richard at redcell,