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On 7th of September 2016...

Over the past 12 months, I have had to contact the support team on a number of occasions. Each time we had a timely response and the support team were quick and efficient and tackled the issues and solved them for us. We are delighted and impressed with the level of customer service and follow up. Regards, Tom CEO 2CONNECT.IE

Thomas Redmond,

On 5th of September 2016...

CometChat is amazing. It really suites my requirements. It is very fast & the support team is cooperative as well. Thanks CometChat Team

suat genç,

On 31st of August 2016...

CometChat is an amazing product that its builders clearly take pride in by continuing to improve it and provide thorough tech support so their customers can get full value out of it. This has certainly been our experience. First we integrated CometChat with our website and then we added on the mobile apps. We couldn't be happier with the results! Truly what CometChat has added to our business will help herald our business into the future we envision for it. Thank you, CometChat. We love you.

Sage & Curry Kalmus,

On 31st of August 2016...

@CometChat built us 2 amazing apps our users adore! And their team is dutifully diligent with their tech support and upgrades.

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On 30th of August 2016...

Thanks for helping out. The customer support was great. Very patient, and in a couple of emails spread out over a few days, the installation worked out very well on our production site.

Martin LUBELL,

On 29th of August 2016...

We use a private website in our business and have the cloud based CometChat service. The chat software fits all of our needs and the support is quick and responsive. I highly recommend!!

Kevin Dannewitz