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On 31st of October 2014...

Honestly, I don't usually do this, filling up a form. I would rather go to the company's site and leave a comment. In this case it's completely different. These guys are giving value for money and perfection, it's exactly what I have been looking for since months. I have used CometChat for months now and feel they are very professional, honest, and their product has so many features that I can't wait to get, one of them being the latest video chat and all the extras that come along with it. Being an admin of a site, have learned that acting professional, polite, knowledgeable, patient, and honest is the key to success and these guys have them all. Very well established, and highly RECOMMENDED! Thanks guys!


On 29th of October 2014...

I'm really satisfied. Everything works fine and I am very satisfied with the excellent support. The configuration is easy and the the chat is quiet complete. I'm really happy with CometChat.


On 28th of October 2014...

CometChat made my community more active, users now have the option to chat as on Facebook. Very easy to install and quick support from the developers. Keep up the good work!


On 20th of October 2014...

I am so pleased to be a customer of CometChat. Nathan Lewis holds the credit for the company. He has helped me to set it up on my forum and I am so pleased to use this software. I couldn't possibly endorse this product more. If you want to keep members attached to your site, you need CometChat! Don't hesitate...get it now, you won't regret it!

Rob Buttle,

On 16th of October 2014...

I want to share my experience using CometChat! I do not speak English, yet managed with the CometChat team excellently. Honestly, I have never received such a good service! CometChat program works very well, I highly recommend the program to everyone! Support too reacts quickly and patiently, can not wait for it!


On 15th of October 2014...

I purchased the Basic Edition of CometChat after my previous chat program closed down. I decided on CometChat because it was offered as a one-off payment rather than a subscription and at a very affordable price, exactly what I needed for my forum. Installation was very simple, but I had a problem integrating it into my forum correctly. I feel the client support is very important and must say, I was very pleased with the quick response and help I received, with which I was able to integrate it quickly and my members could start chatting in no time. Thank you very much.

Andy Johnson,