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On 31st of October 2015...

CometChat really brings the entire site together. It makes the community much more active and gives them the feeling of being closer and also being able to share their mutual interests much easier.
The translation feature is AMAZING, making it much easier for our multi-lingual members to communicate with the rest of the community.
I really couldn't be happier, such a powerful, affordable, lightweight tool that does more than get the job done.


On 30th of October 2015...

I hardly get satisfied of a service. And as I easily pay for higher plans when I get great support, easily remove add-ons from my websites when I see weak support. But CometChat could get me satisfied (mostly because of quality of support). I always choose the bests, for myself and my sites users. So, As now, CometChat became a part of my sites, until its the best. Wish all CometChat staffs the best, as they are.

Hamed Azimi,

On 21st of October 2015...

CometChat is an excellent script with many features.
The support you get is very good.
I am very happy with the script.
Keep up the good work.


On 6th of October 2015...

Had an issue with our lifetime support Platinum version of CometChat, which we've been using for a few years now. We opened a trouble ticket and within 24 hours the problem had been solved by CometChat's support group. Excellent service such as this is hard to find nowadays.


On 22nd of September 2015...

"I love CometChat ..they have the seamless app that can be integrated with other apps. I give 10/10 rating.
Meanwhile, support.... undoubtly..they give a proper and professional support.
Good job.... "


On 16th of September 2015...

The support was terrific, and the chatroom works great!