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On 18th of February 2016...

Comet chat is a blessing when it comes to the technology and support they bring to the table. I am very happy to be a comet chat customer for almost 3 years now.

Michael Ramos,

On 8th of February 2016...

The customer service is amazing, they really helped me even with all the obstacles that got in our way! Also in the past they have been very comprehensive about specific situations that affect my site. I really do recommend them!

Carlos Rangel,

On 1st of February 2016...

Greetings from Finland! Cometchats support service is great and chat runs well with all tested platforms. Thankies for developing this great software, me and my sites users love it! :)

Mirja-Liisa Väänänen,

On 28th of January 2016...

Check out this great site! Also we r excited to introduce 1 of the leaders in the industry @CometChat Add sum FUN!

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On 14th of January 2016...

My site is a secure social networking platform and CometChat really adds so many features to my site that I feel like bragging about my site everywhere. It's like a magic!
Thanks a lot, CometChat... You're the leader in terms of feature set. No other company offers such a rich set of features.

Dipojjal Chakrabarti,

On 8th of January 2016...

I am using CometChat for my site and my users really like it. I really appreciate CometChat for making my site more amazing.