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On 25th of February 2016...

I am happy of your service and Thank you very much.

Mahmoud abdelal,

On 25th of February 2016...

@CometChat ticket numbers 809567584-136199 and 809567584-136193 are currently open. Thank you for getting back! Love the service!

The AscendoSphere
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On 23rd of February 2016...

Great support group! Great product! Very attentive! You can't go wrong with this group of fine folks!

Greg Shaheen,

On 19th of February 2016...

I was referred to CometChat by another developer and I'm glad that they did refer me, CometChat Staff are friendly and professional. With a great product and Excellent Customer Service I couldn't ask for more. Well Done to the CometChat Team.

Haggag Hussein ,

On 19th of February 2016...

These guys rock. I have been with them now for three years. Fast email replies. Trustworthy. Great product. Simply thanks.

Enaya Gad,

On 18th of February 2016...

Comet chat is a blessing when it comes to the technology and support they bring to the table. I am very happy to be a comet chat customer for almost 3 years now.

Michael Ramos,