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On 23rd of March 2016...

Very straight forward installation for custom php websites. It looks stable and good for now but we are still in beta phase. Can't wait to bring this cool update to our main server! Thanks for this wonderful app!


On 7th of March 2016...

I bought the chat for our website and I simply love it. The chat has many features and works perfectly with the idea we wanted for our web Radio. 5 STARS - TOP! Great support as well. Greeting from Brazil! Radio Informal -

Rádio Informal,

On 3rd of March 2016...

Many thanks to the team of CometChat developers - great service and friendly attitude to its customers. I recommend CometChat.


On 2nd of March 2016...

CometChat has quite a great range of options and functions that create a great user experience. Had them installed and integrated on my site, in the end I was very satisfied. I also bought the white labelled mobile app which works very well and are as packed as the web plugin.

Lance Leonaitis,

On 1st of March 2016...

As owner of a dating site in the past 2 years, I have already understood how important the communication between users is. And this is valid for any dating site. I have been searching for so many months the best chat script for my site. And what I saw in any forum and any blog was only one name that just constantly meeting my eyes - CometChat! I've never before seen so many positive opinions about any software product. At all! Now I'm more than happy that I've listened to my sixth sense and now I'm a proud owner of CometChat service for my dating site. The installation was so easy that I cannot even believed my eyes. It's also gentle to my site and my server - uses minimum resources, but for reaching maximum results. Once, when I had a question, the answer from the CometChat customer service was just faster than a light. And it's was really helpful for me. Next time I needed their help I wasn't able to change the PHP script as I wanted. And then again they helped me, and it was so accurate and fast. I don' t know those guys behind the software but I already know that they think of their business as of something very, very serious. And that's how they just grab my heart and mind. I really love the product, and will stay with CometChat as long as my site is working. And if someday I start a new site I already know - CometChat is MY CHAT! With the best regards that I have, Danail from Bulgaria! One proud costumer of CometChat


On 26th of February 2016...

via @CometChat Thanks for everything the support is great love cometchat can't wait to see what you bring us next keep up the great work.

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