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CometChat seamlessly integrates onto websites and apps quickly and securely, powering digital communities across the globe, from marketplaces and online learning centers to healthcare, dating sites, live-steam events and more. 

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CometChat comes fully loaded with robust features your users will love

1-1 & Group Conversations

Voice &
 video calling & conferencing

Rich Media Attachments

Typing Indicators

Custom Messages

Read indicators

Online Presence Indicators

Message History

Single Sign-on



Extensions for everything

Push Notification

Email Notification

SMS Notification

Users & Friends List

Threaded Conversations

Link Preview

Thumbnail Generation

Rich Media Preview

Voice Transcription





Message Translation

Smart Replies

Video Broadcasting

Collaborative Documents

Collaborative Whiteboards

Profanity Filter

Image Moderation

Data Masking

Virus & Malware Scanner

Sentiment Analysis

In-flight Message Moderation

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And we’ll scale right along with you

Want to start with text chat first, but add voice and video later? No problem! Or maybe start with a simple web app, but have ambitions to build mobile apps next quarter? Our cross-platform SDKs make it all possible.

Our team is obsessed with building the best in-app messaging tools available so you can confidently grow engagement in your own online community. That’s why we’ll never stop improving our core features, and thinking of clever new extensions you can’t get anywhere else. 

Two ways to implement.

Our react developers have literally spent thousands of hours building different in-app messaging solutions to meet your needs. 


React Chat UI Kits

If you’re looking for some customization and have a few hours to build a pixel-perfect design, try our React Chat UI Kit, which includes a fully polished UI and the complete business logic. We provide the source code, you can adapt it to fit your needs. 


React Chat SDK

A single line of code sets up a secure connection to our service using the same underlying protocol as WhatsApp.

Check out our React Chat Resource Center

We’re committed to your success, so we’ve set up a React Chat Resource Center, filled with easy-to-follow tutorials and inspiring ideas for how to take your chat to the next level, created just for React developers like you. 


{% c-block language="javascript" %}
var appID = "APP_ID";
var region = "REGION";
var authKey = “AUTH_KEY”
var appSetting = new
CometChat.init(appID, appSetting).then(() => {
 if(CometChat.setSource) {
      CometChat.setSource("ui-kit", "web", "reactjs");
console.log("Initialization completed successfully");
error => {
console.log("Initialization failed with error:", error);
// Check the reason for error and take appropriate action.
{% c-block-end %}


{% c-block language="javascript" %}
var uid = “UID”
CometChat.login(uid, authKey).then((user) => {
          if(user) {
console.log(“User login completed successfully");
           } else {
console.log(“User login failed");
        }).catch(error => {
console.log('CometChatLogin Failed', error);
{% c-block-end %}

Send a message

1) Send a message to a user

{% c-block language="javascript" %}
var receiverID = "UID";
var messageText = "Hello world!";
var receiverType = CometChat.RECEIVER_TYPE.USER;
var textMessage = new CometChat.TextMessage(
  message => {
    console.log("Message sent successfully:", message);
  error => {
    console.log("Message sending failed with error:", error);
{% c-block-end %}

2) Send a message in a group

{% c-block language="javascript" %}
var receiverID = "GUID";
var messageText = "Hello world!";
var receiverType = CometChat.RECEIVER_TYPE.GROUP;
var textMessage = new CometChat.TextMessage(
  message => {
    console.log("Message sent successfully:", message);
  error => {
    console.log("Message sending failed with error:", error);
{% c-block-end %}

Receive a message

{% c-block language="javascript" %}
var listenerID = "UNIQUE_LISTENER_ID";
  new CometChat.MessageListener({
    onTextMessageReceived: textMessage => {
      console.log("Text message received successfully", textMessage);
      // Handle text message
    onMediaMessageReceived: mediaMessage => {
      console.log("Media message received successfully", mediaMessage);
      // Handle media message
    onCustomMessageReceived: customMessage => {
      console.log("Custom message received successfully", customMessage);
      // Handle custom message
{% c-block-end %}

Perfect for
every kind of chat.

Social community

Allow like-minded people in your online community and keep the engagement on your platform instead of relying to use external solutions.

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Deliver convenience and boost transactions by enabling communications between the buyers and sellers in your marketplace.

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Apps like Tinder & Grinder have huge retention, which you can achieve as well. Also, you can be more like Hinge & design your app to get deleted.

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On Demand

Delight your users by letting them get in touch with drivers, couriers, handymen, and other service providers all within your app.

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Connect mentors with mentees, teachers with their class, or even teachers with teachers. CometChat Go has white boarding.

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Live Stream

Slow mode, reactions, auto-moderation — CometChat can handle thousands of users without losing quality & less resources.

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