All the modern in-app chat & calling features in one SDK

Integrate real-time messaging, HD voice & video calling into your apps & website and give your users an experience they’ve come to expect.

Build the chat UI you imagined with our detailed documentation & let us help you create a fantastic chat experience. Pick your use case, select your programming language & get your chat up and running in hours.

cometchat pro text messaging

Text chat

Create your own UI for chat applications with simple authentication mechanism. CometChat PRO gives you the platform to experiment and innovate messaging interfaces that best suit your vision and user’s convenience.

With CometChat Pro you can expedite the development of reliable and high performing chat apps by adding in-app messaging functionality including private & group chats. It gives you the ability to easily customize different elements of your chat app.

HD voice & video calling

Initiate WebRTC enabled voice and video calling capabilities by using our intuitive APIs and SDKs to enable lucidity and efficiency. CometChat Pro provides you the resources to build a high-quality voice, video calling and conferencing experience for your apps and websites with minimal to no latency.

With our developer-friendly documentation and thoroughgoing tech stack, you can build your own simple to complex UI, thus enabling you to provide impeccable voice & video calling.

cometchat pro voice call
cometchat pro file sharing

Send and receive media files

Implement cloud-based file syncing and sharing features to elevate the functionality of your apps and website. With CometChat Pro you can send and receive structured data like GIFs, photos, videos, audio clips without the hassle of handling the storage and infrastructure.

Custom payload

Send custom payloads in your messages and improve your in-app chat functionality. With Custom payloads you can send calendar invites, share event details, share location information, attach text captions to images/videos to recipients in private or group chats and a lot more as per the requirement of your use-case and user convenience.

cometchat pro custom payload

Push notifications

Reach users instantly with expert notification deliverability across devices and locations when they are offline in chat.

Typing indicators

Show typing signals from users writing messages in real-time, in private and group chats.

Read receipts

Display to your users how far other users have read the conversation.

Real-time translation

Allow your users to send and receive message across the globe without the barrier of language.

Deploy Swiftly. Grow Effortlessly.

Your tech stack, our chat infrastructure. Choose your programming language and let us help you build the chat experience you need.

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What’s in it for you?

Customized chat experience

Code the way you want your chat to look like. Change constituent as per your wish and necessity.

Deployment in all developer preferred tech stack

With your preferred tech stack & our modular chat infrastructure, Build a seamless chat application.

Sample UIs or develop your own

Experience complete flexibility & control by using our ready UIs or by building your own.

All essential compliance & security encryptions

Advanced encryption & security standards. We handle your data protection so that you can focus on your business.

We can’t wait to see what you build. Ready to get started?

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