Get your users to chat everywhere, on mobile & desktop

Make CometChat accessible everywhere and anytime for your users with the White-label Mobile Apps and Desktop Messenger.


Your branded app using our white-label mobile app

Help us with your brand logo, icon & name and our team will build you your very own white-label messenger app for both Android and iOS. These are published to the stores under your name, using your accounts.

Push Notifications

Your user is notified with the latest messages they receive.

One Click Sign-on

Single sign-on
Login to the apps once using your existing website credentials


Allow users to open the app if they try to access chat on your site using their mobile browsers.

Free Mobile App

Keep your users glued to your website. At the movies, out of town or simply taking a walk. CometChat will follow them wherever they go.


Your branded app using our white-label desktop app

Do you want your own Desktop Messenger? CometChat White-label Desktop Messenger gives you the option of white-labeling the application completely and giving it your own identity.

Desktop Notifications

can now be enabled so that your user is updated with the latest messages they receive.

Quick Login

Login directly using the CometChat Desktop Messenger and use chat on your app hassle free.

System Tray

CometChat Desktop Messenger can be minimized to the system tray so it sits there unobtrusively while you do other work.

Free Desktop App

Enable your users to chat directly with the desktop using our white-labeled Windows & Mac desktop app.