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Add chat to your website quickly with one of our 30+ integrations then spend as much time as you like customizing the experience.

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Private & group messaging

Enable your users to start one-on-one conversations and connect in groups. Restrict which users can chat by putting your groups behind a password or set role-based permissions.


Voice and video chat

Empower your users to hop on a call or video chat. Simply click the call button and CometChat Go will establish a secure and reliable connection to ensure uninterrupted conversations.


Run docked, embedded or both.

Run CometChat Go in different ways depending on your users and your website's needs.

Great features

Right out of the box

Media attatchment

Share photos, videos, files, and more

Presence indicators

See who's online when

Stickers & emojis

Express yourself with vibrant stickers and emojis

Push notifications

Don't let important messages get missed

Real-time translation

Smash the communication barrier with real-time translation

Collaborative whiteboard

Sometimes words can't express what a drawing can

Voice notes

Whipser, sing or shout! Hit record and send a voice message

Delete Message

‍A second chance, delete a message that's already sent.

@user Mentions

It's easy to get lost in a group chat, unless you're mentioned!

Email Notifications

Ditch the FOMO, get notified of a new message even when you're offline.

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Social community

Allow like-minded people in your online community and keep the engagement on your platform instead of relying on external solutions.


Deliver convenience and boost transactions. Get buyers talking with sellers in your marketplace. Notifications and indicators ensure inquiries never go unnoticed.


Apps like Tinder and Grindr have huge retention, which you can achieve as well. Also, you can be more like Hinge and design your app to get deleted.


Connect mentors with mentees, teachers with their class, or even teachers with teachers. Collaborate in real-time wherever you are with CometChat Go's white boarding and screen sharing features.


I am not sure if I can find another solution similar to CometChat Go, in terms of the brilliant features and the very responsive support their team offers.

Abdulai Mohammed

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