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let guid = "SUPERGROUP1";
let password = ""; // mandatory in case of protected group

CometChat.joinGroup(GUID: guid, groupType: .public, password: nil, onSuccess: { (Group) in

  // Success
  print("Group joined successfully: " + Group!.stringValue())

}) { (error) in

  // Failure
  print("Group joining failed with exception:" + error!.ErrorDescription);

extension ViewController: CometChatMessageDelegate {

  func onTextMessageReceived(textMessage: TextMessage ? , error : CometChatException ? ) {

    // received a new messsage of type text
    let receivedMessage = (textMessage as ? TextMessage);
    print("Message received successfully: " + receivedMessage!.stringValue())


  func onMediaMessageReceived(mediaMessage: MediaMessage ? , error : CometChatException ? ) {

    // received a new message of type media
    let receivedMessage = (mediaMessage as ? MediaMessage);
    print("Message received successfully: " + receivedMessage!.stringValue())


let receiverID = "SUPERHERO2"
let text = "Hello"

let textMessage = TextMessage(receiverUid: receiverID, text: text, messageType: .text, receiverType: .user)

CometChat.sendTextMessage(message: textMessage, onSuccess: { (message) in

  // success
  let sentMessage = (message as ? TextMessage);
  print("Message sent successfully: " + sentMessage!.stringValue())

}) { (error) in

  // error
  print("Message sending failed with exception:  " + error!.ErrorDescription);

let limit = 20;

let usersRequest = UsersRequest.UsersRequestBuilder(limit: limit).build();

usersRequest.fetchNext(onSuccess: { (users) in

  // Received user list success
  for user in users {

    // user
     print("User : " + user.stringValue())

}) { (error) in

  // Error
  print("User list fetching failed with exception: " + error.ErrorDescription);


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