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For those just starting out


10,000 monthly active users

One-on-one & Group real-time text messaging

Read Receipts & Typing Indicators

File Sharing

Stickers & Emojis

Social login with Facebook, Twitter, and Google

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Best for growing businesses
 who want to do more


25,000 monthly active users

Everything in Lite Plan

Voice & Video Calling & Conference

Voice Only Calling & Conference

Role Based Access Control

No CometChat Branding

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Complete chat kit with engagement tools included


50,000 monthly active users

Everything in Startup Plan

Real-time Language Translation

Voice Notes

Collaborative Whiteboard

Location sharing

White-label iOS & Android Mobile App

Priority Support

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Premium chat solution for enhanced engagement


75,000 monthly active users

Everything in Growth Plan

Screen Sharing

In-depth Analytics

White-label Win & Mac Desktop App´

Zapier Integration

Phone Number Login (+$39/m)

Email Notifications (+$39/m)

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General Features
Monthly Active Users
A user is considered as a Monthly Active User when they connect to CometChat servers via the web, mobile app or SDK.





Guaranteed Installation
Our team will ensure CometChat is completely installed and configured on your website.

No CometChat Branding
Hide all visible branding of CometChat i.e. no 'Powered by CometChat' links.

User Features
Real-time Text Messaging
Send messages instantaneously via CometChat with state-of-the-art UI and UX.

One-on-one Chat
Your users can chat with each other in private & one-on-one conversations.

Create public, password protected and invitation only groups and get your users to connect with each other.

Single player games
Keep your users engrossed by enabling them to play single player games and spend more time on your platform.

File sharing
Your users can share documents with each other.

Save conversations locally
Your users can download a conversation and save it for safe keeping.

Broadcast message
Enable your users to select a number of contacts and send a broadcast message.

Stickers and emojis
Gorgeous & Vibrant, Emojis and Stickers help your users express themselves with creativity & style.

Block users
Your users can choose to block another user if they do not wish to receive further messages from them.

Voice & Video Calling & Conference
Your users can voice & video chat with each other as well as join video conferences!

Voice Only Calling & Conference
Your users can make voice calls to each other.

Voice & Video Broadcasting
Your users can broadcast their video to multiple users in a group.

Use bots to bring life to conversations and allowing external data to flow into conversations. Bots can show weather, stocks and other real-world information. They can be used to conduct polls, surveys and more!

Write in local langauge
Your users can use their standard English keyboard to write in non-latin languages like Greek, Hindi and Arabic.

Real-time language translation
Your users can translate all incoming messages into their native language on-the-fly.

Voice notes
Enable your users to send voice notes instantly.

Collaborative whiteboard
Your users can draw on a collaborative whiteboard and express their emotions.

Collaborative document
Your users can build documents together using the Collaborative Document feature.

Screen sharing
Your users can share their desktop screen privately and in groups.

Content Filtering & Moderation

Typing Indicators


White-label iOS & Android Mobile App

White-label Win & Mac Desktop App

Site Authentication (Single Sign On)

Admin Features

Multiple Layouts

Role Based Access Control


Storage Space





Data retention

7 days

30 days

90 days

180 days

File sharing limit







What our customers are saying

"Dating sites are a tricky business to begin with. Adding an element of trust between both parties is the difference between success and failure. CometChat Go helps our users not only discover each other but also engage respectfully with the help of profanity filters and user control. As a site owner, I can charge serious users for premium features such as HD video calling and CometChat Go helps restrict them to only the paying ones. Features like real time translation help the matches interact with each other without worrying about a language barrier."
Jocelyne Hazan
"I run a fairly successful family-oriented social network and we help family members stay connected with each other. CometChat Go helps my users do just that. Today, my users cannot do without the engaging features of CometChat Go like real-time messaging, location sharing, file sharing and HD video calling. I am not sure if I can find another solution similar to CometChat Go, in terms of the brilliant features and the very responsive support their team offers. I highly recommend this to any entrepreneur building a social network or a community site."
Abdulai Mohammed
Trusted by +50,000 customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Planets with drawn orbits
  • Anytime one of your users connect to your CometChat-powered chat, we consider them an active user.
  • No, there are no cancellation charges.
  • Yes, once your 7 day trial is over, you can change your plan at any time. If you want to trial another plan, please cancel your trial and start a new trial for the plan you'd like to experience.
  • In a word, securely. We use Paddle to manage payments who adhere to the most stringent standards set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. No payment information is stored by CometChat.
  • As a CometChat Go customer, you can ask your users to install the CometChat app from the Apple Store or Android Play store and keep the conversation moving. However, this app features the CometChat logo and brand. In a nutshell, white-label means, you send us your brand assets and we build version of the same chat application featuring your brand and distribute it to the Apple and Android stores for you. Your customers will never know the chat app powered by CometChat Go. We can be your unsung hero.

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