Connect users on your website

CometChat enables your site users to voice, video and text chat with each other. That's not all! They can share pictures, collaborate together with writeboards, broadcast videos, play games and a lot more while maintaining their privacy.

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One-on-One Chat

Your users can start using CometChat the instant they visit your site. The Who's Online list will automatically display their friends (or other online users) and a single click enables them to start chatting in real-time.

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Avatar Integration

Your users can now stylize their online avatar. With amusing avatars, let your users know each other better.

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Your users can now emote with the wide range of smileys. With so many smileys, there is a right one for every mood.

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Now your users don't stand a chance of missing any notifications. CometChat alerts users about notifications swiftly.

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Who's Online

Your users can see which of their friends or site users are online and can start chatting immediately.

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Your users can inform their friends or other users more than just their online availability by setting their status message.

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Is Typing CometService Required

Keep your chat responsive & clutter free, users can now see a small pencil icon when someone is typing a response on chat.

Keep your chat responsive & clutter free, users can now see a small pencil icon when someone is typing a response on chat.

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Sent, Delivered, Read Receipt CometService Required

Never again be unsure about the whereabouts of your messages. Track your chat messages easily with the Sent, Delivered & Read markers.


Let your users create a buzz and gather into a single place using groups. They can create public, password protected and invitation-only groups.

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Groups privacy

Enable users to create public, invitation only and password protected chat rooms. Your users can also invite their friends.

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Join the Conversation

Your users are chatting and need a few friends to join urgently. Now your users can send their friends an invitation to join the group.

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Ban or Unban

You can now ban or unban members at your own discretion.

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Kick offenders

Want your users to have a way around other pesky users? Your users now have the power to drop a not-so-subtle hint to annoying users.

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Delete Conversations

Now a single click by your users will let them delete their own lines of conversations from all the groups.

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Color your text

Your users can make their messages stand out in any groups by giving their text a color of their choice

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Multiple Groups

Users can create, join and chat on multiple chatrooms simultaneously. Users can easily switch between chatrooms and enjoy group chatting.

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Load Earlier Messages

Never miss out on any long conversations in a chatroom. Users can view all older messages in a Chatroom by simply clicking on the "Load Earlier Messages" bar.

Bots for CometChat

Send a GIF, pull a stock quote, check the weather, request a PayPal payment and more, without ever leaving the chat!

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