CometChat integrates seamlessly into your existing website & app


Automatic User Login

Your users are logged into CometChat the instant they login to your site/app. No separate confusing logins.


Guest Login NEW

Don’t have a login mechanism for your site? No problem! Your visitors will be logged into CometChat directly as guests and can start chatting.


Social Login NEW

If you are using our Social Login feature in CometChat, then your users can login using their Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus credentials.


User Profiles

CometChat allows users to visit profiles by directly clicking on the users' name while chatting in the browser.


Friends List Synchronization

Auto synchronization of friends list ensures that your users always view their current friends list.


User Avatars

CometChat automatically displays the users' avatar in the "Who's Online" list while chatting.

Don't use any of the above? Don't worry!

CometChat can integrate with virtually any website/app including other third-party PHP software, custom coded PHP sites, Perl sites, standalone HTML sites, .NET/ASP sites, Ruby on Rails sites and ColdFusion sites.

If you know programming (PHP), then you can perform the integration on your own using our Developers Guide

If you are new to programming purchase our Premium Edition or higher and we guarantee integration of CometChat. Have a question?