Manage Conversations

Manage Conversations

Your users can have 10 or 100 conversations a day. This endless amount of conversational data can be thoroughly organised by your users absolutely as they like.

Save, Archive and Clear Conversations

Archive favorite conversations

The Chat History option on CometChat lets your users go back in time and look at every conversation they have ever had. They can even look at the minute chat details like the time and the date of any conversations so that they can get to the conversation they would like quickly.

Save memorable conversations

Your users will never complain about losing their memories behind. They can now save their personal and favorite conversations to their personal devices with a click. They can also download the entire chat conversations as text files.

Don’t worry about nosy onlookers

Start every conversation with a clean slate, Users can enjoy their conversations and clear them from their history after they are finished.

Can’t recollect your previous conversation?

Users can view their previous chat messages in their chatbox by simply clicking on the “Load Earlier Messages” bar.