Monetize your userbase with CometChat

CometChat allows you to increase user engagement. Allow for better collaborations and superior conversations further allowing you to Monetize your user base with a whole bunch of CometChat’s features.


Role Based Access Control

Role Based Access Control helps you grant access to certain features to a particular category of users. You can easily restrict CometChat features for each role allowing monetization opportunities for you.

How to Monetize your Website and Mobile App

We have spent years marrying our marketing expertise and CometChat’s unique features to monetise websites and apps for thousands of customers. Learn from Josh Brandon as he talks about some of these techniques and grow your revenue overnight.


Credit Deduction Integration

Credits Deduction Feature allows you to deduct credits from user accounts when they use Audio, Video, and Text Chat features.


Custom Advertisements

Generate additional revenue on your website by adding custom advertisements to the chat windows whenever you like.