Because Conversations Never End...

CometChat will follow your users wherever they go. They just drop their cellphones into their pocket and later pick up conversations from right where they left them. CometChat App runs smoothly on all the leading Android and iOS devices to let your website users stay connected round the clock from absolutely anywhere.

CometChat Android / iOS app - to keep your website buzzing with conversations

CometChat iOS/Android App is available at the Google Play and Apple Store for FREE. Available on all the leading iOS and Android devices, this App is entirely secure and safe to use. Switching from desktops to mobile devices is effortless as CometChat automatically syncs all the information from your website to the cell-phones and tablets.

Keep your users glued to your website. At the movies, out of town or simply taking a walk. CometChat will follow them wherever they go.

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Key Features

  • Voice & Video Calling for one-on-one!
  • Text chat for both chatrooms and one-on-one
  • Photo & Video Sharing
  • Smileys and Emoji Keyboard Support
  • Real-time Translation of Conversations
  • Seamlessly integration with CometChat on your site
  • Auto-magically integrates with your site login
  • Invite Phone Contacts via SMS

Supports a range of devices

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Android phones
  • Android tablets
Get the iOS/Android App. It's FREE!
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White-labelled Mobile App

Don’t want your users to know that they are using the “CometChat” app? CometChat brand free edition lets you white label the app completely. CometChat blends easily with your website. So your users can download it from the App stores with your brand name. Your website users will never know about CometChat.

Sold separately for $399 only
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Checkout the features of CometChat iPhone/Android App

Voice & Video Chat

Our audio/video calling feature enables you to have face-to-face conversations!

One-on-One Chat

Have one-on-one conversations directly from the mobile apps.

Group Chat

Create a buzz and gather users into a single place using chatrooms.

Share Photos

Share photos with other users with a single click.

Share Videos


Share the live action videos with your friends with this amazing new feature.

Smiley Keyboard

A new collection of smileys to express yourself better and keep the fun going.

Push Notifications

Get notifications even when CometChat is not running.

Real-time Translation


Translate conversations in real-time and enable users to chat from around the world.



View announcements and stay up-to-date with the latest happenings.

Invite Phone Contacts via SMS


Send an invite via SMS to your contacts and get them to join your site/app.

Block/Unblock Users


Stop a contact from messaging/invading your personal space by blocking them.

Set Status & Status Message


Set your availability status and change the default status to anything you want.

Clear Conversation

Clear the chat history with a click of a button.

Report Conversation

Report any inappropriate conversation to the administrator.

Performance Enhancements


Minimimal network usage and battery consumption.

HTML5 Mobile Web App

CometChat HTML5 Mobile Web App available across all the mobile devices, provides bonus points to your website users who might not be using Android or iOS devices. Keep the conversations and connections going without a glitch with this instantly accessible web App. With a broader reach to all types of devices, HTML5 application can be a practical alternative to the iOS/Android app for users with different mobile devices.

What’s more?
Using the new CometChat Mobile Theme extension, users don’t have to visit the webapp continuously to check if there is a new message. While browsing your site using their mobile devices, users will receive notification if there is a new message. A simple click sends your users to the CometChat mobile webapp directly.

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