All New CometChat Desktop Messenger

Windows & Mac Apps

Enable your users to chat directly from the desktop using our white-labelled Windows & Mac desktop app.

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Quick Login

Enter your username/password directly in the desktop application.

CometChat Desktop Messenger will use your existing site authentication mechanism.

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Who's Online

After login, online users/friends are displayed in the Who's Online list.

You can also set your availability status or customize a message that will appear for other users.

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Click on a name to open a chat window.

Type into the box to send an IM.

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System Tray

CometChat Desktop Messenger can be minimized to system tray so it sits there unobtrusively while you do other work.

You will receive sound and visual notification when a new message arrives.


White-labelled Desktop Messenger

Do you want your own Desktop Messenger?
CometChat White-labelled Desktop Messenger gives you the option of white-labelling the application completely and giving it your own identity.

Sold separately for $199 only
desktop messenger white labbled

Checkout the features of CometChat Desktop Messenger

One-on-One Chat

Simply the leading one-on-one chat component available for your website


Let your users create a buzz and gather into a single place using chatrooms. They can create public, password protected and invitation-only chatrooms

Desktop Notifications

Desktop Notifications can now be enabled so that your user is updated with the latest messages he receives

Broadcast message

The Broadcast Message Module lets you send text message to all or selected users just at a push of button


View announcements and stay up-to-date with the latest happenings

Single Player Games

Engage users for hours in single player games

Facebook fan page

Launch your Facebook fan page straight from the CometChat bar and watch your fanbase grow


Display latest tweets from your Twitter account and increase the number of followers

Translate conversation

Translate conversations in real-time and enable users to chat from around the world

Audio Call

Audio Call plugin enables the users to have an audio call seamlessly

Video Conference

The simplest way to connect face to face


Easily share your screen or a particular window with another user

Handwrite a message

Get rid of boring text messages and use your mouse as a paintbrush to draw your thoughts


Users can collaborate together with the help of the Writeboard plugin


Users can share thoughts by drawing on a collaborative whiteboard

Save Conversations

Need to keep local records of a chat conversation? Your users can now download entire chat conversations as text files

Clear Conversation

Clear the chat history with a click of a button

Report Conversation

Report inappropriate conversation to the administrator

Chat History

Users can view chronological logs of their chat history with other users


Users can now type in English and convert the text to their native language

Send a File

Send files to other users using file transfer facility

Block Users

Enable your users to directly block all the unwanted users


Add advertisements to the chat window and generate additional revenue