Power-packed Administration Panel

The CometChat administration panel gives you all the power to make use of this application the way you want it. With a hoard of options to administer, you take the final call on what you want to provide to your website users.

Customize CometChat


Create, edit or modify your own themes the way you want it from the administration panel. CometChat matches your site look and feel.


CometChat is available in 9 languages. You can also create or upload your new language from the administration panel.

Modules and Plug-ins

You can choose from the list and order these modules and plug-ins as you want it. What you want to provide to your users is your call.


Make announcements to all your website users through the administration panel. View all previous announcements or add new announcements.


You can monitor what your users are chatting about in real time. Only you can monitor all user conversations.


You can check user logs of older conversations. Logs can be viewed for One-on-one chat and Chatrooms.


Extensions include friend list synchronization with Gtalk, guest chat, advertisements and CometChat on Mobile and Desktop.


You can tweak settings of each and every feature included in the CometChat bar through the Settings feature.

administration-customize image


Manage your chatrooms, create permanent chatrooms as well as embed chatrooms into your site.

Now you can also manage your chatroom moderators with total ease.

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add-order-remove-plugin image

Add, order & remove Plugins

Easily customize which plugins you would like your users to use. Want to add your own icon on the chat bar? Add it within seconds!

Match your site look and feel

Blends-In effortlessly

Our theme editor allows you to modify the colors easily. With more than a hundred colors to choose from, life just got more colorful!

Custom-fit it as you like

CometChat fits to the look and feel of virtually any website theme. Apart from the best possible features provided, CometChat allows your website to maintain its aesthetic integrity as well.

match-your-site-look-and-feel image

In your own language in minutes!

CometChat supports full UTF-8 as well as RTL (right-to-left) text. Translate CometChat into your language within minutes using our Administration Panel.

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monitor-and-log-conversations image

Monitor and log conversations

Monitor conversations taking place in real time and also view any users’ chat history. You can now monitor what your website users are talking about.

You can also disable this feature through the administration panel, if you do not wish to maintain conversation logs or intrude into user conversations.