Easy Integration, Happy You, Happy Client

CometChat was developed with developers in mind. Whether you are a web developer looking to add chat to a website, or a mobile app developer looking to add chat to your iOS & Android app, CometChat is the ideal solution for you. From our Instant Integrations, Customizable SDK, Restful APIs to our Affiliate Programs, all make sure that building with CometChat is a seamless and pleasant experience.

Easy Integration

CometChat has over 92+ Seamless Integrations and with constant updates and developments, we keep adding to these. CometChat can be integrated with almost any platform available.


CometChat SDK

CometChat’s state of the art SDK is developed with developers in mind. The SDK enables you to expand CometChat’s functionality by easily building on top of our existing UI with full access to Source Code.


Restful API

CometChat provides restfulAPI’s to developers to modify or reuse CometChat functionalities just as they want. Certain functionalities can be set to be initiated with the use of these API’s.


Affiliate Program

CometChats Affiliate Program allows you to earn whilst recommending CometChat to your clients. Join the Affiliate program and refer CometChat to people or your own clients and whenever they purchase a new CometChat Licence you get paid.