Prefer an on-premise installation of CometService?

CometService Self-Hosted

Unlimited messages

$ 999+ /year

Requires Windows server (Dedicated/VPS)

Reduce your server load

CometService (Self-Hosted) offloads 95% of the work from your current servers to the CometService server. Your server load will reduce by 95% instantly.

Self-Hosted Voice and Video

With CometService (Self-Hosted), voice and video is routed through your servers (though most conversations are peer-to-peer).

Real-time message delivery

Using CometService, messages are sent in near real-time. Interaction reaches a whole new level.

Built to scale

CometService is capable of handling 100,000+ users with ease.

CometChat Technology

Leverage the power of true Comet technology. CometChat will poll your server only once every 60 seconds.

Works with all Editions

CometService works with every edition of CometChat.

Works on Intranet

CometService (Self-Hosted) works with private networks of your organization without access to internet.

Manage Your Security

Have complete control over your security, as CometService (Self-Hosted) is hosted on your own server.

Unlimited messages

$ 999+ /year

Requires Windows server (Dedicated/VPS)