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CometChat is a great solution for your site. If you need to integrate chat to your website or social network, there is nothing better than CometChat. I recommend it.

Romulo Ruiz,

I bought CometChat knowing nothing about web programming OR installing plugins. But within 15 min I had it going on my page. It is one of the most well thought out apps for having your own interactive web page. This is well worth the little money you pay for it. You will not find anything better then this.


I thank the team for CometChat responsive attitude towards clients and professional attitude to work. I am very pleased with the work CometChat team and I wish them success and all the best. Thanks for the help - I recommend to everyone!


Not only a great product, but an excellent team. Their customer care is unbeatable.

Vincenzo Tortora, oukside

CometChat just gets better and better with every update they make. Support is 5* and the latest version 6.1.0 is seriously amazing. Blows all other chat competition out of the water. Highly recommended and CometChat simply grows from strength to strength. Thank you!



I would like to report the great attention that the CometChat team has given me, and a great plugin for my site. Thank you all.


My white-labelled app is finally ready, branded with my logo and working perfectly. Thanks CometChat!


There is no other similar extension in the joomla market. This is an all in one chat solution for building your own community. With that said, we cannot think of changing it to another extension as it is valuable for us, especially with EasySocial integration. In addition, there is valuable support offered from the support team.

Daniel Geller,

Well CometChat is a great feature on my website that helps people communicate worldwide and if you have any issues with it, the support team will respond very quickly and will solve any problem. Very soon I should order another one to be installed on my new website project maavoice!

Ronaldo Leite,

We installed an ELGG site and one thing that was critical to us was CometChat. We installed the most recent release and the support we have received from CometChat has been beyond belief. It is an inexpensive package but yet the support has been the best we have received from any vendor in the last 15 years of web development.

We would stand up for this company any day and any time. They are real and responsive and get the job done right. What else could you want or expect?

PNWSwing owners,

I really had a great experience. So happy that you were able to get my chat up and running.


Excellent support from @CometChat! Easily in our top 3 of technology providers we have worked with so far!

Twin Galaxies


I've integrated CometChat to our website and I can say it was by far the best option that I have studied prior taking a decision. Besides the fact that is the most complete chat, the support team is great, really great in helping out with solving problems and/or suggestions needed in customizing the chat to our needs.

Overall I can rate this as a five star product.


We have been using CometChat for years now and we always had a very good experience. The team quickly answers to any of our questions and we are happy to see the new features on each release.

Gaspard Toussaint,

Very great support, and new V6 is so cool ;). I highly recommend CometChat!

Jacky Tuning

CometChat provides for our digital school community an incredibly easy to use platform for interaction between learners and teachers. Their support service is incredible as well!

Dr. Joseph Gallegos,

I can be impatient and "less than polite" at times but CometChat support people always respond in the utmost professional manner, and always fix whatever issues I bring to them. They are very accommodating and helpful. Great job CometChat!

Mike Reynolds

Best chat software. Actually, the only one that integrates seamlessly with a website and the team is available to work with you for developing and do changes to adapt to your website, collaborating each other.
Affordable for its price (believe me, it's low for the value it has).
Really good software, their team help so much in the case of troubles or if you need developer support for your website and it is chat-based.
They're even really open to customizing everything to your needs.
Good developers that work perfectly in collaboration.

Christian la Forgia,

Excellent technical support, fast, secure and reliable chat! Easy installation, support for all popular engines and constant product updates! Regards, Oleg!


Hi! I'm a registered user in a site where CometChat is implanted as the basic chat room. It is very useful, I like to talk with my friends and news visitors over there. First time I got some problems but the administrators of the CometChat was very prompt, they solved my problems quickly. Thank you for that! And for the end I just want to say that it is a very good chat whit a very good support.

Gyergyai Zoltan

Great service, great product. Will recommend always. 🙂


We are very pleased to have purchased CometChat plug-in for our website and are quite satisfied with the product. But what made our experience even more special is that their support service was highly professional and efficient. We would recommend CometChat service and products to everyone.

Keep up the great work.

Big thanks from

Jakub Olej,

Top performance.
CometChat gains more respect every time I talk to them and I get more confidence in their support.
Guys are able to troubleshoot and solve all problems quickly and efficiently.
Very cooperative, positive, highly organized and they get the job done.
Problem solvers.

Valerii Kochnev,

Hi I like the CometChat System, it is practical and useful. I would recommend this product which comes with great tech support. The product is strong and reliable.

Willie Williams

willie williams,

This is a great chat app for your websites and the best that I've found and used, the CometChat support team is also spot on and sorted out any problems I've had fast and with no fuss. Thanks guys


My team and I love CometChat, as do our site members! CometChat has allowed us to integrate our existing messaging system with chat, as well as introduce mobile and desktop applications for our users. It's easy to customize and comes with some fantastic plugins, from video chat to handwritten messages. I would definitely recommend your software to other social networking websites, as it encourages community engagement and improves user retention.


Comet chat is best known for its features, however much has to be said for its reliability. Particularly in the area of customer support, you definitely get more than what you pay for.
Comet chat is not a cheap product. You pay for quality no matter what version of it you subscribe to. If you need help, there is always someone available to help you understand and even customize a feature to your liking on hand regardless of the issue. In my experience, if you're wanting a live interaction solution for your website, no matter the platform, and especially given the alternatives out there, comet chat is a rare, one stop solution. I recommend this to a friend, especially over the much accredited arrow chat.

Elshara Silverheart,

CometChat has provided our website a chat solution as well as a customized mobile application for which they have been providing excellent support over the past two years. Most of the time issues are resolved within 24 hours. We would like to thank and appreciate the whole CometChat team for their help.


Jatinder Kumar,

We contacted CometChat to find out if an integration with our internal SharePoint Environment was possible. And after some friendly and quick emailing with the sales and support staff, we were convinced this would be an addition for our users.

The installation took some time, but that was merely because of the complex environment we use. Throughout the installation process there was close contact with the Support staff.

We are pleased with the swift and kind response we receive when we contact CometChat, and it already proved to be an added value for our users.

Rob de Zwaan

After searching a lot of chat application on website, our search gets end at CometChat .

We are really thankful to CometChat team for their work and their live support and we would like to build years of relationship with CometChat .

Urvesh Ghelani,

Excellent product, by far the best chat system out there. Customer support is equally as good. I would recommend CometChat to anyone looking for this kind of product.

Ian McDonnell,

Easy installation, automatic integration with JomSocial membership system, many customization options, quick support, easy on server resources and good value.

A. Petropoulos,

Excellent customer support, quick reply and quick issue resolution. Would love to use their service again and again for all our other customers.


I've used CometChat for a while now, and they never fail to surprise me with their updates, they have great services on CometChat, a load of fun games to keep you entertained while your waiting for a reply from your friend or if you have nothing to do, their customer support is fast, detailed and they always go out of their way to help you the best they can 🙂


CometChat support team very diligently worked on our unique project.
It is not always easy to communicate on a long distance basis and a time difference makes such a communication even more challenging.
But CometChat support team would always come back to us within a short time and kept developing our project until the very end.
We would for sure recommend this company to work with.


CometChat is not only a messenger, they installed it for a client a team who is great support and assistance to the client and the site! Thanks to CometChat!

Awni Ahmed, friendsbook

For us, the creation of the atmosphere of collaboration is the key. We found CometChat and everybody likes it. Thank you!

~ Dr. Enkhbat.D, ONE Foundation, Mongolia (Open Network for Education)


I'm happy to give this thorough review as Cometchat has been as thorough in helping me.

The technical support I get from CometChat is absolutely great. I'm not a great developer so need help sometimes. These guys always solve all my queries fast and efficiently and usually include the information I'd need to solve it myself next time if necessary.

CometChat messenger runs very smoothly and is a class above the chat programs on other social networks.

It's a very fast and easy install and also includes an admin control panel to adjust settings. Thus no programming skills required.

All in all, I am very pleased with it and it brings a brilliant feature to a website. A mobile app is also obtainable.

I suggest contacting Cometchat to discuss possible license fees if you're planning to use it long term but are deterred by just of you feel a one-year license isn't enough. Their sales team are very helpful.


Amazing customer service and good support. My issue(s) was resolved within a limited time frame.Thanks


CometChat helps you deliver really cool chat module with affordable prices. Plus I love how fast their tech support is!


CometChat has been great to work with. We came to them with a big project and they welcomed the task with open arms. They gave us a quote and completion date which was finished sooner than expected. Everyone that tested the app when it was in Beta was impressed and excited to have it as a final product on their device. CometChat listened to us every step of the way.... We couldn't be happier! Thanks CometChat 🙂

Charlie and Skye,

I purchased the newest CometChat plugin and also the white labelled android and iOS mobile app.

Throughout the entire process, CometChat was in touch with me letting me know where they were with the installation and integration of CometChat into my Social Networking website and then after that also with the development and publishing of both my Android and iPhone Mobile apps.

Along the way there were a few bugs, but CometChat stuck with it 100% and worked out those issues with keeping me updated.

If more features are added to CometChat that I could use on my website, I would certainly purchase from them again.

Great job CometChat staff and support team for a job well done.

Lance Leonaitis

Lance Leonaitis,

We had inherited an online cancer chat support program (Cancer Chat Canada) that had an ageing chat system. CometChat allowed us to very quickly update the technology at a very reasonable cost while also customizing it for our needs and still using our PHP based platform. Older browsers were supported as well as the latest and the CometChat support staff were responsive to our questions and needs, producing fixes in a timely manner.

de Souza Institute,

Very straight forward installation for custom php websites.
It looks stable and good for now but we are still in beta phase. Can't wait to bring this cool update to our main server!

Thanks for this wonderful app!


I bought the chat for our website and I simply love it. The chat has many features and works perfectly with the idea we wanted for our web Radio. 5 STARS - TOP!

Great support as well.

Greeting from Brazil!

Radio Informal -

Rádio Informal,

Many thanks to the team of CometChat developers - great service and friendly attitude to its customers. I recommend CometChat.


CometChat has quite a great range of options and functions that create a great user experience.

Had them installed and integrated on my site, in the end I was very satisfied.

I also bought the white labelled mobile app which works very well and are as packed as the web plugin.

Lance Leonaitis,

As owner of a dating site in the past 2 years, I have already understood how important the communication between users is. And this is valid for any dating site.

I have been searching for so many months the best chat script for my site. And what I saw in any forum and any blog was only one name that just constantly meeting my eyes - CometChat!
I've never before seen so many positive opinions about any software product. At all!

Now I'm more than happy that I've listened to my sixth sense and now I'm a proud owner of CometChat service for my dating site.
The installation was so easy that I cannot even believed my eyes. It's also gentle to my site and my server - uses minimum resources, but for reaching maximum results.

Once, when I had a question, the answer from the CometChat customer service was just faster than a light. And it's was really helpful for me.
Next time I needed their help I wasn't able to change the PHP script as I wanted. And then again they helped me, and it was so accurate and fast.

I don' t know those guys behind the software but I already know that they think of their business as of something very, very serious. And that's how they just grab my heart and mind.

I really love the product, and will stay with CometChat as long as my site is working. And if someday I start a new site I already know - CometChat is MY CHAT!

With the best regards that I have,
Danail from Bulgaria!
One proud costumer of CometChat


via @CometChat Thanks for everything the support is great love cometchat can't wait to see what you bring us next keep up the great work.

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Thanks a lot for everything! the support is great got back to me fast and helped me with my little problem right away love cometchat can't wait to see what you guys bring us next keep up the great work.


I am happy of your service and Thank you very much.

Mahmoud abdelal,

@CometChat ticket numbers 809567584-136199 and 809567584-136193 are currently open. Thank you for getting back! Love the service!

The AscendoSphere

Great support group!
Great product!
Very attentive!
You can't go wrong with this group of fine folks!

Greg Shaheen,

I was referred to CometChat by another developer and I'm glad that they did refer me, CometChat Staff are friendly and professional.

With a great product and Excellent Customer Service I couldn't ask for more.

Well Done to the CometChat Team.

Haggag Hussein ,

These guys rock. I have been with them now for three years. Fast email replies. Trustworthy. Great product. Simply thanks.

Enaya Gad,

Comet chat is a blessing when it comes to the technology and support they bring to the table. I am very happy to be a comet chat customer for almost 3 years now.

Michael Ramos,

The customer service is amazing, they really helped me even with all the obstacles that got in our way! Also in the past they have been very comprehensive about specific situations that affect my site. I really do recommend them!

Carlos Rangel,

Greetings from Finland! Cometchats support service is great and chat runs well with all tested platforms. Thankies for developing this great software, me and my sites users love it! 🙂

Mirja-Liisa Väänänen,

Check out this great site! Also we r excited to introduce 1 of the leaders in the industry @CometChat Add sum FUN!


My site is a secure social networking platform and CometChat really adds so many features to my site that I feel like bragging about my site everywhere. It's like a magic!
Thanks a lot, CometChat... You're the leader in terms of feature set. No other company offers such a rich set of features.

Dipojjal Chakrabarti,

I am using CometChat for my site and my users really like it. I really appreciate CometChat for making my site more amazing.


Firstly, I must say that you guys ROCK!! The mobile app is simply amazing and fun to use. Many great features!! May your company continue to have the success it's having. AWESOME!!!! GREAT SERVICE!!! GREAT APP!!!


Excellent chat plugin! Very good looking, fast, and fun to use. It really engages customers and makes them spend more time on our web. 5 stars.


I've been using CometChat chat product for a few years now on a couple of sites and find their product excellent. What stands them apart though is that their after sales service and support is to be highly commended. It's second to none and they go the extra mile.
Great work!

Maria Bernhagen,

Great service, good support that works fast and especially beautiful product.
Keep it up !


Great service, good support that works fast , and especially beautiful product. keep it up ! via @CometChat #stopsolo


We have been using CC for a while to keep in touch with out members. I highly recommend it. Also the support is second to none @CometChat.

NZB Grabit

We use CometChat for our site This adds powerful abilities to our community.
We really recommend it !!
ZoomYoo Team

Philippe Falliex,

Service and functionality are the hallmarks of CometChat.
With my site, the relentless support of the team at every stage to get my project up and running is just awesome.
Highly recommended!

Osama Kandil,

I can't say enough about the program and the customer service these guys provided. Very nice, helpful, and prompt...I couldn't ask for anything more!
Thank you!!! 🙂


Proud to be working alongside CometChat. Great system and friendly support!


via @CometChat proud to be working alongside CometChat. Great system and friendly support!


CometChat really brings the entire site together. It makes the community much more active and gives them the feeling of being closer and also being able to share their mutual interests much easier.
The translation feature is AMAZING, making it much easier for our multi-lingual members to communicate with the rest of the community.
I really couldn't be happier, such a powerful, affordable, lightweight tool that does more than get the job done.


I hardly get satisfied of a service. And as I easily pay for higher plans when I get great support, easily remove add-ons from my websites when I see weak support. But CometChat could get me satisfied (mostly because of quality of support). I always choose the bests, for myself and my sites users. So, As now, CometChat became a part of my sites, until its the best. Wish all CometChat staffs the best, as they are.

Hamed Azimi,

CometChat is an excellent script with many features.
The support you get is very good.
I am very happy with the script.
Keep up the good work.


Had an issue with our lifetime support Platinum version of CometChat, which we've been using for a few years now. We opened a trouble ticket and within 24 hours the problem had been solved by CometChat's support group. Excellent service such as this is hard to find nowadays.


"I love CometChat ..they have the seamless app that can be integrated with other apps. I give 10/10 rating.
Meanwhile, support.... undoubtly..they give a proper and professional support.
Good job.... "


The support was terrific, and the chatroom works great!


CometChat support team is helpful and provides assistance in a professional manner.

Stefan Marinov,

I've been using CometChat for several years. It is awesome!, It's packed with features, is easy to install and most of all the tech support is absolutely amazing!. All my issues were quickly addressed with a friendly and helpful attitude. I highly recommend CometChat for your site!.


Brazilian developers & users, CometChat is the most powerful tool I have ever met! purchase without fear, it integrated seamlessly with the Joomla platform. I am very pleased.

Marcio Augusto,

I wish the company Cometchat prosperity and well-being! many thanks for the excellent attitude to their customers - you will always quickly & efficiently provide assistance.


Service is too good

Amol Rups

Always fast support

Videoswiper V2

I hope this mods can happen anytime soon




Good, i'm satisfied.. great job thanks a lot... Everything is Working fine... Now


Very happay with all of you at Cometchat


Good and fast


Hello we are very satisfied . Sorry will take me a little while to get back with regards to themobile version as I am in the middle of moving home and all is up in the air.



Support is everything & you guys have handled that very well.


Excellent support from Karan who has been extremely responsive, and forthcoming with solutions to our queries. Please keep up the good work!.


I think the support of Cometchat is really good. They are polite and try to help as well as possible.

Ramses Smol

Excellent support, it was a right decision to spend money on CometChat.


Excellent support. It was right decission to choose cometchat.

Pawel Dranka

Excellent service, thank you


Actually I'm very happy with your technical support.

Thank you very much

Juan Luis Ramon

Very good, thank's for support 😉


Fast and friendly service!


Awesome support. Love cometchat!!!

Salman khan