Chat API

What is a Chat API?

A Chat API is a collection of a programmable interface that can be used to provide real-time chat and messaging features on any application or website. These in-app chat and messaging APIs further allow users to engage in rich, in-depth conversations using multiple chat features.

CometChat’s Chat API allows you to add communication, collaboration and monetization features to your websites/apps and build on top of their existing functionalities.

chat api

Make Communication Easier with Chat API

User to User

Enable your users to connect with each other via CometChat. User-to-User communication is required in industries like dating, social networking, e-learning, community etc.

Buyer to Seller / Seller to buyer

Allow buyers to chat with sellers to negotiate and seek information irrespective of their geographical boundaries. Buyer to seller communication is beneficial for marketplaces.

Service Provider to User

In industries like on-demand service, real estate, healthcare, banking, consultation, users can connect with service providers while using their services.

Achieve more with CometChat’s Chat API

One-on-one & Group Chat

Connect with each other through one-on-one or groups text chats.

Voice & Video Calling & Conference

Have face-to-face conversations with voice and video chat.

File Sharing

Share your photos, notes, documents and a lot more through this feature.

Voice & Video Broadcast

Broadcast messages & videos to multiple people at the same time.

Real Time Language Translation

Translate incoming conversations in real time and let language be no barrier.

Push Notifications

Get real-time updates every time someone sends you a message.

Other Advanced Features of CometChat

Apart from text, audio & video call features, CometChat provides:

  • Role Based Access Control
  • Credit Based Deduction
  • Custom Advertisement
  • Multiple Layout Support
  • Colors
  • Moderation Tools
  • Indepth Analytics
  • Word Filtering
  • Languages
  • Collaborate Whiteboard
  • Collaborate Document
  • Report Conversations
  • Data Export
  • Monitor and Export Logs
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Shared Hosting Support
  • Custom Integrations

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