Complete your CometChat experience.
Add chat on mobile & desktop.

Mobile SDK

$ 399 only



Our Mobile SDK can be used to add chat to your existing native mobile apps for iOS & Android.


Mobile App

$ 399 only



Your users can chat directly from their mobile phones using our white-labelled apps for iOS & Android.

Desktop Messenger

$ 199 only



Your users can chat directly from their desktop using our white-labelled apps for Windows & Mac.

We're so confident in our product that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with our product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are add-ons a one-time cost? Will I get updates?

Yes, our add-ons are a one-time cost. For updates, please refer to our support & updates policy for more information.

Are all features of CometChat for Web available in these add-ons?

The features available in the add-on will depend on the CometChat Edition you purchase. Certain features are not yet present in the add-ons as mentioned in our compare platforms page.

What is the difference between Mobile App & Mobile SDK?

Our White-labelled Mobile App will enable your site users to audio/video/text chat with each other. We will modify the app to include your logo, colors and name e.g. the app will be called "YourSite Messenger" in the stores. But we do not perform any other modifications. You also cannot add new features to this on your own. These are ready to use apps, so you do not need any developer. If you already have your own app, you can consider our Mobile SDK or you can have two apps in the Google/Apple stores similar to how Facebook has "Facebook" & "Facebook Messenger". Our Mobile SDK is an SDK which you can use to add chat to your existing apps (or create your own apps with extended functionality). You will need programming knowledge to integrate our SDK.

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