5 Essential WordPress Plugins for a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

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March 28, 2017
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    Content essentially rules as the king for all types of marketing, advertising, and promotional strategies. However, when it comes to digital marketing, the significance of content increases multifold. A compelling content that is skillfully created keeping in view the attributes of your targeted audience possesses the power to hit just the right notes and leads to effective sales conversion.

    Most of us know WordPress as a blogger site and a comprehensive content management system. Here we share five essential WordPress plugins that you can use to create a winning content marketing strategy for your WordPress website. Read on.

    1. Scribe

    Content Research Plugin WP, Scribe

    Scribe is a must-have WordPress plugin for your WordPress content marketing campaigns. It is a comprehensive and all-inclusive plugin that makes it convenient for you to conduct an elaborate content research, considering the specific needs of the different types of content needed for your campaign.

    It helps you establish the strategic goals and objectives for your content marketing campaign and ensures that the tone and style of your content perfectly align with your strategy. This way, the Scribe plugin helps you create an on-point content marketing strategy that is search engine optimized and ensures better ranking, traffic, and exposure.

    2. Zedity

    The Zedity plugin is a smart editing tool that allows you to create an interesting and catchy layout for your WordPress websites. The plugin does not require any coding and is especially more helpful for websites with lots of images, graphics, sliders and animations. It allows you to add, replace and reposition the different types of content and graphics featured on your website and rearrange them in an appealing interface.

    3. WP Inject

    As the name indicates, WP Inject helps you find the most relevant, high-resolution and royalty-free images for your content and inserts (or injects) them in your posts, conveniently, without any hassle of coding. WP Inject holds a 4.9-star rating and finds the most relevant plugin for you at Pixabay and Flickr. The image is automatically added into your content, with relevant titles and tags and also adds it to the WordPress media library.

    4. Optimizely

    Optimizely makes A/B testing a cake walk for you, without having to go through the hassle of coding. Optimizely offers A/B testing in a convenient interface that helps you optimize the rate of conversion of your website visitors. Optimizely can be conveniently configured with your WordPress site and offers unique testing features such as multivariate, multipage and data compilation, presentation and interpretation. In addition to that, Optimizely automatically generates transparent results deduced from A/B testing and allows you to make a better assessment of your content.

    5. YARPP

    Google is penalizing the websites with high bounce rates by de-ranking them in search listings. YARPP, abbreviated for ‘Yet Another Related Post Plugin’, automatically creates thumbnails for similar and related posts that are displayed at the bottom of the post. This provides the visitor with a range of relevant content to choose from. By helping them find the stuff that they are looking for, YARPP enhances the user experiences and eventually reduces the bounce back rate.

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