Why your users care about sharing their location

Your users will now be able to share their location with each other on your website. Thanks to this sparkling new release of CometChat Go.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

“Where is this place, can you share your location?”

“I will send you the location once I am there”

Do these conversations sound familiar to you? Now imagine a life without this ability. You can’t? Neither can I. We take these features for granted and life without them in 2019 is unthinkable.

I have some recent personal experience around this. I was traveling to a place where mobile networks’ connectivity is very weak and I could not use these features, it was not ideal. Plans were altered because people could not find each other and what would otherwise have been an amazing trip was marked by many such irritations.

Now, imagine another scenario. You and your friends are on a group call and you want to talk with another friend, you just add them to the ongoing call. Simple. Why would it be any other way?

This is expected of all websites/web apps that allow calling (video/voice).

But there maybe times when users are text-chatting with another user/group and may miss your call. If there was a way to let them know that they have missed this call, wouldn't that be a great tool to have?

The point I am trying to make here is that we know how important both of these features are to any community, so here’s the exciting news.

(drum roll)

You will now be able to offer these features to your users!

How? With CometChat Go’s upcoming release, that’s how.

Your requests have been heard and these two sought after features/enhancements are ready for use with release version 7.45.0

Location sharing:
Your users will be able to share their current location (not live location) to a group or one on one chat so that the recipient is able to locate them using one of the installed map applications. This is available on websites and white labelled apps (iOS and Android).

Location Sharing feature in action on a website (embedded layout)

Notify user of a missed voice/video call:
Your users can now notify a particular group member or friend about an ongoing call (voice/video) in a chatroom (group) if the call link is missed due to incoming chatroom messages.

No more missed conversations! And like location sharing this feature is also available across websites and the white labelled apps (iOS and Android).

So, what are you waiting for?

Get the Growth or Mega plan to let your users enjoy the new & shiny stuff in CometChat Go :)

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