White-labelled Mobile Chat App v2.5.1 – Swipeable Tab Views & more

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May 5, 2016
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    We’re happy to announce the latest release of our White-labelled Mobile Chat App v2.5 with some amazing new features that will definitely delight your users.

    White-labelled mobile app

    What’s new?

    Tab swipe Tab swipe is an efficient way to allow users to laterally navigate across multiple tabs using a simple touch gesture (swipes). Users can now conveniently swipe views in the tab layout, making the entire experience super interactive and fun.

    Tab swipe

    Games Engage your users for hours with our new set of exciting and addictive HTML5 single player games. The endless list of games makes sure your users don’t spend time idle on your app, waiting for another user to come online.

    Single-player games1
    Single-player games2

    Get the Latest Update Now!

    Purchase CometChat with White-labelled Mobile chat app Or purchase just our White-labelled Mobile App if you already have CometChat or purchase our re-compilation service if you would like us to upgrade your existing mobile apps. Using CometChat Cloud? You can subscribe to our Mobile App add-on in your members area. For audio/video chat on mobile, you will need our Platinum Edition (for seamless video chat across the web, mobile & desktop). Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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