White-Labelled Mobile Chat App v2.4 - Share without limits!

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February 9, 2016
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    We are happy to announce the launch of version 2.4 of our White-labelled Mobile Chat App! Let your users share instantly on the go, with an exciting range of features that makes our signature experience more intuitive & boosts compatibility.

    White-labelled mobile chat

    What’s new?

    Receive Files Download without distress, no more worrying about format issues. Now users can receive all types of files in your White-labelled Mobile Chat App.

    Receive files

    Share via your App Even when not using your App, users can share all types of files instantly via your White-labelled Chat App. Sharing has never been easier.

    Share via your app
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    Image Zoom Don’t let the size of the screen limit your users. See images in vivid detail with the new Image Zoom feature, which enables users to zoom in/out of images. Whiteboard Sketch out ideas and let the creativity flow. Collaborate with another user in real-time with Whiteboard. Now also available in the White-labelled Mobile app, because great ideas can strike anytime.

    whiteboard screen

    Self-Hosted CometService Would you prefer to run CometService on your own servers? Now you can have your own server setup with CometService and enjoy a faster, secure messaging service/technology for CometChat. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

    Get the Latest Update Now!

    Purchase CometChat with White-labelled Mobile chat app Or purchase just our White-labelled Mobile App if you already have CometChat or purchase our re-compilation service if you would like us to upgrade your existing mobile apps. If you are using CometChat Cloud, then you can subscribe to our Mobile App add-on in your members area. For audio/video chat on mobile, you will need our Platinum Edition (for seamless video chat across the web, mobile & desktop). Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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