White-labelled Desktop Messenger v2.0 has arrived!

Introducing the latest version of our White-labelled Desktop Messenger with a fresh new look! Your users can chat directly from their desktop without loading the browser! Our newest version lets your users chat directly from their Windows & Mac desktop, with a refreshing new look, support for most plugins and more!

Desktop messenger

Amazing New Features in v2.0!

1. Revamped UI
Desktop messenger UI is now revamped! A simple, more intuitive and a natural user interface is what the new design offers. You can also resize the chat screen and move it wherever you want.

6. RevampUI - Edited

2. Chatrooms!
Create a buzz and gather users to a single place using chatrooms. You can create permanent, password protected and invitation only chatrooms.

2. Chatroom - Edited

3. Desktop Notification
Desktop Notifications can now be enabled so that your users are updated with the latest messages as they arrive. Now your users don’t stand a chance of missing any notifications.

4. Support for all our popular plugins
Our desktop messenger supports all popular plugins for CometChat. We have added new plugins to the plugins list such as audio call, save conversations and transliterate.

5. Plugins - Edited

5. New Modules
Our desktop messenger now supports all CometChat modules such as announcement, single player games, broadcast message, Facebook fan page, Twitter and translate conversation.

4. Modules - Edited

6. Gtalk friends chat
Let your users connect with their Gtalk friends through CometChat desktop messenger. CometChat allows seamless integration with Gtalk so your users don’t have to switch back and forth between sites to stay in touch with close buddies.

3.1. Gtalk Friend List Login - Edited

After login Gtalk friends will appear in the Who’s Online list and you can chat with your friends immediately.

3.2. Gtalk Friends List - Edited

Advantages of White-labelling!

Our desktop messenger is now fully customisable to fit all the needs of your brand with options to personalize various aspects of the messenger’s appearance giving your brand the premium treatment it deserves.

1. Complete White-labelling
CometChat Desktop Messenger Brand Free Edition gives you the option of white labelling the application completely (icon, logo and name) and giving it your own identity.

1. Login Screen - Edited

2. No URL bar (or “Try a demo” button) in the login screen
Unlike our “CometChat” desktop messenger, in the login screen of your messenger, there will be no URL bar or “Try a demo” button. Your users can directly log into your messenger.

3. Theming
You can change the background color in the top bar and chat bubble from the admin panel. You can also change the color of your login screen and the tabs at the bottom!


Get your White-labelled Desktop Messenger!

The CometChat Desktop Messenger is compatible with all editions of CometChat. Simply decide on the features you need and go for it! (Audio/Video Chat is supported only in CometChat Platinum Edition).

Purchase CometChat with Desktop Messenger

Or Purchase the Desktop Messenger if you already have CometChat.

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